Media Technology News - TV Channel Online: Volunteers Needed for kids needing clothing

Media Technology News - TV Channel Online: Volunteers Needed for kids needing clothing

Volunteers Needed for kids needing clothing

The best news is I designed to work in any area no matter where you live. And I most need help. The deep south is hurting for the last 10 years such as NC or SC the kids have to bring their own toilet paper to school.

Can you post at the message board in hopes someone will claim the boys or girls clothing. They can pre pay the small S&H fees if they do not live in the same state to get the box of free clothes. If you have friends with children ask them to help me please. This way the parents can pay rent and the kids can go to school with something nice to wear.

Volunteers Needed for kids needing clothing even as far as Jamaica. See this post "Hello everyone I would like to request some newborn baby clothes for my baby boy I live in Jamaica please and thanks to you all.: Click here

It is a hidden fact that many parents are at a high poverty level for over 12 years. Lot of kids are going to bed hungry. I pay out of my pocket since 1999 to help and I can't believe all these millionaires are missing the point. And not trying to help me over swap hand me

Someone in the news just paid some person 1/2 million dollars for the football pool. Makes me sick. Half million dollars sure would help allot of parents needing kid clothing. Look parents do not ask for free help they only ask if they greatly need it. Eyes closed does not anyone see!

I am retired now but still at it and doing the marketing for the dads in general contractors to see they make money to pay their bills out here. 7 years ago or more the some banks took the work vans and/or both homes off the contractor's cause the economy crashed & the contractors could not make payments of home or auto loans. Hope to see the economy get better for these dads and moms.

Thanks for reaching out to help Jennifer you are the first person today to do so since I put that ad up in Craigslist. Be sure to show your child the educational chicken video we made to help city kids learn more about farming. Here is my site map

Heart bypass surgery typically costs about $70,000-$200,000 & she NEVER HAD CANCER

Can you just wonder when the gov. finally does a lawful health care price list - Why it was not done 50 years ago! After all, we are only made up of bones, organs, skin, hair, blood & water.

The healthcare system needs changes and no one seems to think to change the way our healthcare is being billed. Over charged, charges of healthcare items or procedures that were never done, and health care charges that were not even necessary.

Don't know if you heard about that doctor that told that lady she had cancer - treated her - charged her insurance company and low and behold she found out a year later she NEVER HAD CANCER. That bill came to over 65K. Check the search engines and you will find more cases like that women.

Heart bypass surgery typically costs about $70,000-$200,000 or more, and heart valve replacement surgery typically costs $80,000-$200,000 or more. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing , the total cost of a heart transplant can reach almost $800,000 or more.

What's up with the huge market price to have a heart bypass. Anywhere from 70K to 200K?

The medical field should across the entire United States send in total cost for what they charge insurance and have the gov. team figure out a fair price list for all these procedures. Set the price as fair and steady. Give patient a reward check for looking at their medical bills that are being overcharged or charged to health care not given to them.

I asked around and I asked people that were hospitalized & fully insured if they ever looked at their medical bills. Almost 90 percent said NO.

I guess since they were fully insured they did not care as long as their health insurance covered the bill.

Some car insurance companies are offering a reward for good drivers. Why not offer patients a small reward check for taking a few minutes to look over their health care fees?

Alert baby boomers:

Before you sign your elder parent into a nursing home please read up beforehand so you will be prepared to lose it all.

I hear tell the nursing homes take all your parents wealth after the insurance company expire the billing and if they are left in there till death do you part. Sign over home, bank money and stock/bonds and even loose change.

Now what about their children that lose their inheritance? The leading way to pay off home loans, help pay college and etc.

Money, cash in the attic, loose pennies, and savings that their parents work years for. What a racket!

Take heed check on your elders so they don't fall into this money trap

Take heed check on your elders so they don't fall into this money trap. Gloria's husband died in 1981, and by 2004, money was getting tight. Property taxes kept rising, but Social Security was not keeping up the same pace. So she applied for reverse mortgage. And now at 90 yrs old she will become homeless.

Blink your own eyes won't belong until you will be on SSI and be in the same kind of fix. LAWRENCE New Jersey-- It wasn't supposed to end this way. Read more & take heed click here

By Kevin Shea | For on February 26, 2017 at 7:00 AM, updated February 26, 2017 at 7:06 AM



There are steps to take & they did it the right way! They raised sons and daughters that went to war to protect this country & some went to war to fight for the freedom of African Americans.

I must be the longest legal sentence writer. I don't want you to stop reading what I have to say.

Do you recall how your family arrived in this country? I do! They had to fill out the proper paperwork, sign paperwork that stated they were giving up their right to remain loyal to their past homeland leader and trust to remain loyal to USA and they had to had a family in the USA to stay with. And if they did not have a family in USA they had to work off a large fee as a servant (enslaved - yes some whites were forced into slavery to remain here!) to stay here, and yes some were watched by the US government because of wartime. AND THEY DID WHAT THE LAW SAID THEY HAD TO DO. They pledged allegiance to the flag and paid their taxes.

Some became firemen, some became war heroes, some became sport stars, some became college educated, & most became parents. Some died in the hollows of digging our canals. Some died in the coal mines. Some were farmers and some were butchers bringing meat to the table by wagon. Some of them were involved in the underground railroads. All of them had to learn a new language and overcome it. The women handmade the brick & laid the brickwork to build their homes while the men worked overtime to payed cash for the lumber. They stayed here, respected all people, loved this country, and worked real hard and profited here and are now buried here. They were my kinship.

I have a long trail of documents from my great grandparents showing me what they had to do and obey by to become citizens of America. All what I am saying is true!

If you don't know how you were born legally in the USA, then you should ask some of your elder relatives so you can pass this information down the family tree. Remember it was not easy for them to become United States of American citizens but they did it the right way! It is why you were born an American!

Obama health care all this talk. I have yet to hear this:

We are one nation and should be under one plan. Why is no one getting it right? Why is there no law to enact a plan to have nationwide health care price list for care & supplies? Why is one hospital charging a million dollars for heart surgery in one area and down the street the other hospital is charging 50 cents for the same surgery? Even a general mandatory price list for day to day health care will save millions. Something to start this off the right way. After time it will work. People will get used to it working and finding out the cost will come down. A wholesale ten cent pacemaker cost on the bill is billed out for thousands of dollars. Talk about ripping off insurance companies with scams, over priced by 199 percent health care supplies, charges that never existed, and they having to pay it. No wonder the health insurance companies cannot balance out the spreadsheet for profit. In the end it is coming out of your tax dollars and mine. Our hospitals are struggling to meet their payroll by trying to care for people with no health coverage. Hey all this waste is coming out of your paycheck. Get the committee on it!

Last of all, parents that did not go into foreclosure would like to see a change because they got jobless college educated grown children living in their basements of no fault of their own.

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New Jersey to loan cameras to prevent home health care abuse

If you are a baby boomer and taking care of a parent at a NJ home you might want to look into this

By The Associated Press

POSTED: 12/22/16, 4:04 PM EST

TRENTON >> Families in New Jersey who suspect a home health aide is abusing a loved one can now borrow a tiny surveillance camera from the state. Attorney General Christopher Porrino announced details of the safe care cam program on Thursday in Trenton. The program is designed to ensure residents who suspect abuse by home health care providers have access to hidden cameras to gather evidence. Since January, the state has disciplined nearly 300 certified home health aides for alleged crimes on and off the job including criminal sexual contact and assault.

Porrino says that’s a significant increase over 2015 when close to 200 aides were disciplined. Read more