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Get the best in online TV advertisement offering excellent targeted national platforms. Our TV station airs on Dish Network/SimplyMe TV, FOX CT and that offers national exposure through online entertainment networks in demographically targeted areas and offers a globular media cluster, including exclusive documentaries, TV shows, feature event contents and and independent film. Reaching millions of viewers. TV Viewers that are loyal customers of SimpleME TV, Fox CT and DishNetwork. Such as family households, online shoppers, students, social media users, educators, savvy business owners, sophisticated viewers, and more. Setting forth on a global footprint with our world-class online Television channel and Video technology to expand beyond the North American our company will serve a global customer base. The combined collaboration with such markets as Asia, India, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe has expanded our reach beyond the USA. read more

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Consumer Trust in an Internet Store:

Consumer Trust in an Internet Store: A Cross-Cultural Validation

Consequently, the role of trust casts some doubts on Internet consumer merchandising. Consumers are unlikely to patronize Internet stores that fail to create a sense of trust. Trust can only exist if the consumer believes that the seller has both the ability and the motivation to deliver goods and services of the quality expected by the consumer. This belief may be more difficult for an Internet merchant to engender than it is for a conventional merchant.

In Internet commerce, merchants depend on an impersonal electronic storefront to act on their behalf. Additionally, the Internet lowers the resources required to enter and exit the marketplace. Internet merchants might be considered fly-by-night as there are fewer assurances for consumers that the retailer will stay in business for some time. In traditional contexts, a consumer’s trust has been found to be affected by the seller’s investments in physical buildings, facilities, and personnel (Doney & Cannon 1997). Retailers on the Internet thus face a situation in which consumer trust might be expected to be inherently low.

Attn: TV Advertising Brokers

Seeking advertising brokers Attn: TV Advertising Brokers Analog Entertainment & Analog Television - Is an online Internet broadcasting network and Analog Entertainment (AE) & Analog Television is a veteran owned business. We are seeking advertising brokers to discuss our TV channel advertising opportunities. We would like to discuss further with your company and learn more about your services and discuss more about our advertising opportunities. We produce and broadcast, television programs on our channel, as well as we run television commercial ads. Local and Global. PRESIDENT & CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER at ANALOG ENTERTAINMENT & ANALOG TELEVISION. Mr. Bowen is a Grammy & Emmy Award winning engineer specializing in Television, Audio/Video Multi-media, Broadcast Operations & Engineering from Disney/ABC TV, Apollo Theater, as well as studio facilities around the globe. *No spam relies. Only relies from serious Advertising Brokers will be considered and replied back to. Contact us directly click here

Branding Your Website Business Can Make You or Break You

Don’t be shy about adding personal stories about your company. The more personal stories that are connected with your brand, the more reality your brand becomes. Brands are almost like life: They offer a point of view, hand on hand relation with your customers, statement of truth and carry a tune. Personal ties with your brand reflect an opinion about you company. So if you are doing something nice for the public – let them know about it.

Branding Your Website Business Can Make You or Break You

Branding is psychological. Look what would happen if your favorite soda pop change it's label. Probably won't taste the same right?

Branding your business should not be expensive or hard to do. You want to make a clear statement about your brand with images, slogans, packaging or otherwise. You want to use your mark whenever possible. Letterheads, on your website, outgoing emails, advertising and invoices. Use your image in the left hand corner when ever possible.

Two kinds of branding: Direct experience and indirect messaging. Example: Direct experience is emotions directly aim to remind you to buy their a car. Indirect messaging is remind you to buy their car and remind you to buy a their brand of tires. When designing your website it is recommended to choose one or the other type of branding.

Your customers need to trust you to buy your products or services You need to realized that YES they do check your return policies. If you have a money back guarantee on your service or product explain it to them up front.

What about the payments' Remember the best Internet sites provide the most secure purchase programs available online.

Explain what are you doing with their private information or code of ethics.

Provide them with your contact information and customer service number.

Try to respond back to your clients in a reasonable amount of time. Companies with good customer service are rewarded with returning customers and new customers by word of mouth

Try to get most of this information to your customer on your home page. Trust sells and trust is just as important to you as it is to your customers.

Other important issues to apply to your site: Purchase an appropriate domain name
Paying for your own domain name and domain name email addresses build trust and is professional looking. It is easier to trust someone who has evidently made an investment in his or her business.
Include contact information
Provide phone numbers, hours of operation (including time zone), and a business mailing address, your web-masters email address and your business email address.
Keep your content updated
To be current; the content of your site must be no more than 3 months old. Add the date you last worked the site on your home page.
Include a family or personal touch
Provide an "About Me/Us" page. Provide the names of the owner, president and provide the reason why you started your business.
Avoid password or flash screens
If you want to use the option of flash pages, fancy music, etc., give visitors the option of viewing them. Don't force them to download any programs.
Limited your affiliate programs
Remember visitors are at your site to find out about your service or buy your products.
Cater to everyone
Don’t forget to include tags with your images to assist those with sight disabilities.
Comply with local laws regarding business practices or state taxes
Comply with all regulations prohibiting discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
Make it quick - Most visitors will not have the patience to wait around much longer than the reasonable load time and will gladly move on. A site that loads quickly and is neatly designed, will show that you are a professional business. You can lose up to 1/3 of your traffic with slow loading pages. How many times did you leave the Fast Food lane when the wait was over 1 minute?
Link it. Make sure your links are working. Test them at least once a month.
Spell it right. If you want your site to be as professional as it can be. Use Spell check.
Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for testimonials.Testimonials provide a way for your customers to learn about your credibility and trustfulness. Guidelines for your business Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Information that should be on your site:
Provide on your website a page with your business Privacy policy clearly stated.
Information Collection and Use:
Your business is sole owner of the information collected on this site. You will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement. State if your business collects information from our users at several different points on our website.
Your business requests information from the user on your application forms and on forms, which allow users to request information. Here a user must provide contact information (like name and mailing address) This information is used to allow your business to process applications, provide customer service response, and to provide the information requested.
Log Files:
Your business may analyze trends, administer the site, track user’s movement, and gather broad demographic information by your tracking system. Please state what you are doing with IP addresses and if they are linked to personally identifiable information.
If your website contains links to other sites. State that your are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. Encourage your users to be aware when they leave your site - to read the privacy statements of each and every web site that collects personally identifiable information. State that your privacy statement applies solely to information collected by your Web site.
Notification of Changes:
State that prices of your products or services are subject to change. State that if you change your privacy policy - you will post the change on your business site. All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted Jane Sadowy 2005-2012

Target the Media Market

Offering Your Media Services Online

Not making the sale but your business media website has good traffic reviews?

  • Make sure you are targeting the right media audience.
  • Offer benefits that are not offered anywhere else.
  • Shape your media service offer to be time sensitive. State in areas of your sales a direct pitch: Such as "With this offer".
  • Provide a clear direction on your home about your media services and how to contact you for pricing and details.
  • Provide a contact page containing your business address, and provide a secure contact form.

Will I buy or should I buy is the question.

Potential customers are 4 to 5 times more likely to buy when referred. Thus the power of referrals is so strong that when they are referred to you from someone they already ready trust - they are more likely to buy from your business.

These referrals are so highly effective that it is worthwhile to establish a new referral every 6 to 8 weeks. This tactic will help expand your media customer base. So each time you get another new customer - ask them up front if they will be happy to be a referral. How much does all this referral cost? Not much, except the time it takes to network this way.

Trying to find new media customers? Even if you customer base is selling health food products advertising to middle age people think about what other business tend to deal with middle age people that could use your media ad service. And call them directly and ask for the marketing department to speak about your services. Most of the time, someone will speak to you or reply back to you.

What is a Target Market? These days all you hear is “Target Your Market” yet targeting your market can get confusing. Your target market is customer demand. If you are selling media advertising services, than you want to target you services to companies that are looking for them.

Target your market with social network sites and networking online with other companies not competing with what your company offers but companies that may offer a way to reach your media audience. Set up a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and etc. and network there. You also can apply a simple code to your web site to allow your visitors to share your site to these social network sites.

Copyright 2004-2012 by Jane Sadowy. All rights reserved.

Success – What women want that men already know abouty

Success starts first by hard work. Success does not greet you at the front door by chance. Success begins at the time you realize you want it. Success is an energy marketing focus that stays on track.

Consider success a small farm. You, yourself will have to begin to plow the land to reap from the profits that you planted. As the farm markets more crops you will need more people to help you sell your crops. Sharing your profits not only provide income for other families but allow you tax write offs and medical insurance deduction rates.

Women are born leaders and can learn from men how to be more successful. Studies have proven that men have a long history of earning more profits from a regular day job or as a sole business owner. What makes men more successful is that from experience they have learn if something does not work they will drop it and move on to something else that will work. Women have more of a tendency to stick to something feeling that by tending to more details it will get better.

Begin first by researching the business you want to start by finding facts that will verify that the products or services you want to offer are marketable. Before beginning a sole owner based business it is advised to take further adult education at your local community college or take an online degree program under the subject of business owner interest so you know the INS and out of operating a small business. Remember the first time you had to learn how to spell your first name in grade school? It took practice and an education to do it right!

Owning your own business is more than filing away costly bills - it requires knowledge to learn how to run a successful business. Many businesses require upfront knowledge from employees who have learning skills in business, finance, economics, marketing, strategic planning, technology and so on. These are the skills needed to run a successful business. Get the picture!

In other words do buy a puppy if you can’t afford to feed it or teach it to grow. Keep in mind the start up costs of opening a new business may take years to pay off.

Research the costs and skills needed to hire reliable people and advertising tactics required to help you operate your business. Your business cannot become successful if you run yourself into the ground by trying to do all the bookkeeping, marketing, promotions and networking it will take to keep it profitable.

Marketing Tip: Success – what women want that men already know about. There is proof that men over come the odds of owning more successful businesses than women. Take the time to research the companies that have become successful businesses started by men. Take notes on what actions they took to make it successful.

Owning a business is not like ‘Raising Baby’ it requires putting your family life to the far side and containing your education to keep up with the times. Yet it can be like ‘Raising Baby’ since you will find yourself enjoying being the boss and watching it grow and plow the way for it make a profit that you can financially comfortably live off.

Adopt a retiree

Moreover, run an ad in your local newspaper or church and advertise that you are just starting your business and would accept any volunteer help from retirees that would know your field of business. You might be surprised to find that many retirees are looking for the chance to help you learn what they already know. You could offer them some extra money for gas to visit your home each month and a free home cooked lunch.

Author: Jane Sadowy

Local TV Revenues Online Expected to Boost Numbers to $20.3 Billion This Year

BIA/Kelsey Reports Local TV Revenues Down 7.8% in 2011; Presidential Election and Increase in Online Expected to Boost Numbers to $20.3 Billion This Year.

Mobile and online accelerating by 45% CAGR in the next five years and returning the industry to revenues last seen in 2006.

CHANTILLY, Va.. (May 1, 2012) – BIA/Kelsey, adviser to companies in the local media industry, reports today that local television over-the-air revenues in 2011 dipped 7.8 percent from the previous year, due primarily to the economy and the odd-year election cycle, according to the first edition of its quarterly Investing In Television® Market Report. In 2011 stations took in $17.9 billion in over-the-air revenues, compared with $19.4 billion in 2010. In 2011 local television stations earned $535 million from online sources, an 18.7 percent jump compared with $450 million in 2010. In 2012 combined over-the-air and online revenues are forecast to rise to $20.3 billion, based on the presidential and other elections, overall improved consumer spending, and growth in online ad spending. In terms of transactions, BIA/Kelsey reports the industry saw an uptick in transactions in 2011 over 2010, with 50 station sales totaling $1.1 billion.

“Local advertising industry revenues typically rise and fall depending on the political year,” said Mark Fratrik, vice president and chief economist, BIA/Kelsey. “Advertising income for local television is trending upward and showing signs of rebound, with a good first quarter for many publicly held television companies. Still, the 2012 over-the-air television advertising market is not what it was 11 years ago.” Read More...

American Express Interactive Channel Is Set to Reach 50 Million Homes

American Express Interactive Channel Is Set to Reach 50 Million Homes


American Express is promoting its wares to cardholders and potential cardholders through an interactive branded channel under a new agreement with BrightLine. American Express is promoting its wares to cardholders and potential cardholders through an interactive branded channel under a new agreement with BrightLine.

American Express is taking another step toward the new world of television that is always on, making a deal with BrightLine for a yearlong campaign centered on an interactive branded channel.

The channel devoted to all things Amex is now available in more than 50 million households around the country through five cable and satellite services: AT&T U-verse, Cablevision, DirecTV, Dish and Verizon FiOS. It is also available through Internet-connected TV sets sold by LG and Samsung.

The branded channel is providing viewers content that includes video clips, offers, games and information about American Express cards and promotions like Small Business Saturday.

The agreement between American Express and BrightLine, part of BrightLine Partners, is to be announced on Wednesday morning. Although the financial terms of the agreement are not being disclosed, American Express called the investment “significant” and BrightLine described the campaign as “the largest interactive TV campaign ever.”

American Express is among a growing number of giant marketers exploring the ins and outs of interactive television, which appeals to them because ads can be directed at an audience and the results — or lack thereof — measured. Others include GlaxoSmithKline, Kellogg, L’Oreal, PepsiCo and Unilever.

American Express is also among the cadre of large marketers trying e-commerce through television, which some call “t-commerce.” The company this month announced a pair of agreements — one with Fox Broadcasting, the other with NBCUniversal and Zeebox — to enable viewers to use apps on mobile devices to buy products they see while they watch TV.

“BrightLine is part of a much larger strategy in the advanced-TV space,” said Lou Paskalis, vice president for global media, content development and mobile marketing at American Express, as the company tests initiatives on the “primary screen,” as in the TV set, and the second screen, as in a smartphone or tablet.

“The idea is that we can create new ways of engaging with our customers,” Mr. Paskalis said, “and delivering unique content.”

Jacqueline Corbelli, chairwoman and chief executive at BrightLine, said the “reach and duration” of the branded channel for American Express “goes above and beyond” any that has been developed by another company.

Rob Aksman, chief experience designer at BrightLine, likened the branded channel to “what American Express cards provide” those who use them: “access.”

Viewers can gain access to the branded channel through methods that include interactive banners, channel guide listings and so-called overlays — appearing next to American Express commercials — that ask viewers to click on them.


Wanted new television shows

Wanted new television shows Analog TV is seeking new television shows to air on our channel email us directly at Cable Media

Prowling the streets of San Francisco with Square Wallet

CNET spent an afternoon testing how Square's mobile payment app performs in a neighborhood full of merchants that accept it. A hint: It's a snap to use. Read more..

Lytro cameras add Instagram-like filters and a 3-D effect

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Lytro cameras capture photos that can be refocused after they're taken New photo filters include a funhouse mirror effect and retro coloring Lytro images can finally be focused entirely; perspective-shifting effect has been added (CNN) -- Lytro cameras, which let you take a photo and refocus anywhere after it's taken, are getting two much-requested new features: Instagram-like filters and the ability to bring the entire image, not just one section, into focus. The camera was released early this year by a new Silicon Valley-based startup. Long and rectangular with a small touchscreen on one end and minimal buttons, the camera uses Light Field technology to capture its interactive images. Since the camera's release, Lytro employees have been busy testing and releasing new features. The most recent additions will be available December 4. Read More

Guy Kawasaki Wants You To Love Google+ As Much As He Does

If you follow the social media industry, you probably know who Guy Kawasaki is. Just in case you’re not familiar with him, he used to be the chief evangelist of Apple. He’s the co-founder of and Holy Kaw, and the author of APE, What the Plus!, Enchantment, and nine other books. What the Plus! (Google+ for the Rest of Us) version 2.0 was recently released by McGraw Hill, and after reading the book, we decided to pick Kawasaki’s brain about some of the points he makes in it, and about social media in general. Read more...

Why Monopolies and commoditization would pollute the cloud

There’s a common assumption that the Cloud’s destiny is to be a public utility. Mark Thiele, of data center operator Switch, argues that would kill competition and innovation, and that IT can be a better option.

One of the prevailing assumptions around the cloud computing market is that it will drive towards an ├╝ber-simplified delivery model that is similar to a utility. Further, this utility model will largely remove the potential for differentiation by most vendors and will lead to a race to the bottom from a pricing perspective.

There is ample evidence commoditization is occurring, and we could point to almost any area of IT to see it, from servers, PCs, virtualization, storage, networking, and so on. However, what is often lost in the obvious is that it’s not that simple.

IT commoditization vs cars

It’s true that with a modern server and chip combination you could likely solve almost any specific workload demand of a modern application. The inherent risk though is that there’s always someone out there looking to make a better rat trap, and the market continues to show that there is real demand for differentiation – consider the viability of both ARM and Intel chips for use with different job types.

For instance, in the case of Intel you could easily brute force the same workload that an ARM chip could handle, but processor by processor you would likely be very inefficient from a utilization and power consumption perspective. The same is true for ARM chips being used where a larger Intel processor might be more effective. While the aforementioned example is a simple one, it applies across most layers of infrastructure: storage, network, I/O, virtualization, and so on.

To make an analogy: Cars have been around for over 100 years now, they must be commodity by now, right? They all (mostly) have four wheels, two or more doors, a combustion engine (mostly) and generally get you from point A to point B successfully. Are cars a commodity compared to each hand-built car of the late 1800s and early 1900s? Maybe. But only in the sense that we can each buy a Ford Focus with the exact same feature set as another Ford Focus. You can also buy a Ferrari, which is excellent for country highways and tight corners, or you can pick a Dodge minivan, which is better at hauling the soccer kids around. Each of these two cars have substantially different features and solve different problems, yet they are both cars. So, the simple answer is no, they are not commodity if by commodity you mean there is little or no profit or differentiation to be found.

Drivers that make unique IT solutions critical

CPU Performance – There are some tasks that will need the fastest possible processors. The benefit comes from the time reduction associated with running a workload. The time is so valuable that the cost of the infrastructure and power is immaterial. In many cases this type of environment is refreshed 18-month cycles, but sometimes as few as every six months.

Network Bandwidth – Critical if the data being manipulated or distributed is being moved outside the confines of where the compute resides, or needs to be moved fairly quickly in very large amounts.

Network Performance – In terms of not just bandwidth but also latency. In some cases customer demands are on the level of differences of nanoseconds.

Storage Scale vs. I/O – Similar to networking, the type of storage you need is dependent on the type of work being done. You don’t solve an I/O requirement by just buying bigger arrays with more and larger SATA disks. You also don’t put large cache or expensive memory on storage that is mainly used for archival or lower performance requirements, such as for photos.

These only scratch the surface of the variables associated with building an infrastructure environment, but clearly it would be difficult to create a small handful of solutions or solution providers to take care of every IT workload demand. To the contrary, in my work I regularly see a significant number of players enter the market that either fill an unmet need from an industry perspective or enable new types of performance and pricing models.

Why commodity IT is a bad idea

Not only do I think we’re many years away from having a small handful of service providers deliver us compute on demand, I propose that more importantly, we should all hope that the day never comes anyway. I am against the idea of a utility form of compute delivered to everyone much the same way for many reasons, but the two that I think are the most critical are monopolies and innovation.

Cloud monopolies would be bad

The arguments against service providers acting under the pretext of a public utility are legion: inefficiency, waste, corruption, etc. (For more detail, refer to the eye-opening book “The Fine Print” by David Cay Johnston.) Considering the importance of compute to the global economy, the last thing we should ever want then is for it to become a monopoly. If we allow a few companies to push the technology to a true commodity business model, then we could count on real competition for service delivery to disappear, as there wouldn’t be an easy way for the little guy or regional player to participate in the market. And it’s the ability for little guys to introduce innovation that sparks competition and evolution.

If Cloud were to become a monopoly service, we would quickly find ourselves suffering the same issues with many other public utilities: running on older equipment, getting charged for non-existant services or things we don’t understand, and having no one accountable to address complaints.

Innovation would be stifled

Beyond that, Innovation in any market only occurs through necessity. Without real competition, the commodity cloud services would begin to act like so many of the early infrastructure outsource providers did and only deliver to the lowest common denominator. They would make changes more slowly and as customers we would be forced to plan our businesses around what providers were willing to do. IT will be its most successful when the business customer doesn’t have to consider the “limitations” before advancing strategic opportunities.

While there’s little doubt that several big players would come to dominate the market as is already the case today, we cannot afford to be without all those spunky new companies looking to carve out a market for themselves. These little players will force the larger players to stay honest, to bill correctly, to offer new services, and to continually innovate.

The Good News

I don’t really think we have anything to worry about, because as I’ve already indicated I don’t believe we are at any near-term risk of getting to a utility-type delivery of compute resources market. There are just too many ways to (in this case) build that car. So rest easy: We’re going to continue to see lots of great innovation in the infrastructure and application services and delivery space for some time to come, but keep your eyes and ears open all the same. Mark Thiele is executive VP of Data Center Tech at Switch, the operator of the SuperNAP data center in Las Vegas. Thiele blogs at SwitchScribe and at Data Center Pulse, where he is also president and founder. He can be found on Twitter at @mthiele10 .

Making a home video about your business to post online

Most PC have cam cameras. If you are on a tight budget try making a home video about your business.

The shorter the better for your first try. (Take notes how a TV commercials gets the whole information to you in 1 to 2 minutes) Such as 'Yoo Doggie' makes the best soup.) To long and viewers could get distracted.

Set the background: If you have a website let it stand out. Say something clever or funny so they will remember you. Introduce yourself. Introduce your business service.

Dress professional, write up 1 to 2 short paragraphs about your business (since you have to memorize some of it), don't forget to mention a few time how to contact you. Very Important. Mention website and business phone number.

Practice a few time in front of a mirror. Relax, remember clients are eager to learn all about your business service.

Start the cam when you are ready. Talk to the cam as if someone is sitting in front of you. (Like me) Once you are happy with your results open an account at a video hosting site such as Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, etc. Upload your video file. Remember to look for your video address this way you can share it there, here, in your emails and on your website. You can always enhance the quality of your videos by taking video shooting lessons and using high quality equipment.

If you think you really need a professional business video on a larger scale or like to run your ad on our TV channel contact Cable Media Entertainment for details.

Lifesize, a division of Logitech

Lifesize, a division of Logitech (NASDAQ: LOGI) (SIX: LOGN), today announced additions to its LifeSize® Unity™ Series product suite, LifeSize® Unity 1000™ and LifeSize® Unity 2000™. Similar to the LifeSize® Unity 50™ and LifeSize® Unity 500™, these new all-in-one solutions combine HD video and audio with a sleek display making it easier to purchase, deploy, and use in work environments. Deploying video conferencing in a conference or boardroom throughout an organization takes time, and IT administrators often have to sift through a staggering array of components to equip the space, including a codec, camera, display, phone and audio peripherals. Further complicating the process, all components ship separately and must be individually assembled. To eliminate this complexity, the LifeSize Unity Series was built as an integrated solution, featuring the best available components. Each device in the series can be assembled by anyone, regardless of IT skill level, and can be easily deployed or redeployed in conference rooms and boardrooms all over the world. Like LifeSize Unity 500, LifeSize Unity 1000 and LifeSize Unity 2000 ship with the touch-based LifeSize® Phone (2nd Generation) for intuitive control over video conferencing, audio-only calls or presentations.

“The new Unity products address a very real industry need: fast, global video deployment that provides a simple experience for both IT administrators and users,” said Michael Helmbrecht, vice president and general manager of video solutions for LifeSize. “It’s also critical that simplicity doesn’t come at the expense of quality. We engineered these Unity solutions with the highest quality video and audio components, so every user has a video calling experience that truly replicates an in-person interaction and functions identically from office to office.”

LifeSize Unity 1000 includes a single 55-inch, high-contrast, edge-lit LED display that supports 1080p HD resolution and up to eight-way multiparty calling. Ideal for medium to large conference rooms, the LifeSize Unity 1000 is powered by LifeSize® Room 220™ or LifeSize® Express 220™.

Designed for large conference rooms and boardrooms, LifeSize Unity 2000 features two 55-inch, high-contrast, edge-lit LED displays placed side-by-side. Each can support up to 1080p HD resolution, an eight-way multiparty call and data sharing. LifeSize Unity 2000 is powered by LifeSize Room 220 or LifeSize Express 220.

Turn a small company into a big company

Should or should your not use TV advertising? The benefits of TV ads: Television advertising alone has the ability to turn a small company into a big company in a very short period of time. Without your prospects having to physically experience your product or service - TV ads uses pictures, sounds, music and words to motivate buyers. Read more..

North American 38 Million TV Households - Visional Ads Work!

Ads that are available to 38 million TV North American households do produce results. When it comes to entrepreneurs, small or large corporation business, artists, or musicians, it is clear that more than anything, they just want to be seen and heard. TV media advertising is important to help your business get the exposure you deserve. Ninety-nine percent of American households have at least one television, and/or personal computers and the majority of households have more than one.

AccuWeather 50th Year available to 38 million TV households

AccuWeather Celebrates 50th Anniversary - Radio broadcasts are heard on nearly 750 stations and read in hundreds of Newspapers and linked to over 72,000 third-party websites. In North American AccuWeather is available to 38 million TV households.

Pioneering Broadcast Engineer Jules Cohen Dies

"Pioneering Broadcast Engineer Jules Cohen Dies Veteran broadcast engineer Jules Cohen passed away late Tuesday night. Winning the NAB’s Engineering Achievement Award in 1988, Cohen said of television, “We are seeing... picture quality we hardly dreamed of 20 years ago. Even better is still to come. For someone like myself devoted to the concept of local television available to all who can afford even the least expensive of television sets, and that really encompasses just about everyone, the major consideration is the survival of a healthy, terrestrial television broadcasting service.”

Twitter is rolling out some new features

Twitter rolled out an instant photo preview on mobile devices and they are adding features to their search. Visual results!

Get your 30 second ad seen on our TV channel

TV media advertisement is important to help your business get the exposure you deserve. Ninety-nine percent of American households have at least one television and one personal computer and the majority of households have more than one. Analog Entertainment - Creating vertical media delivered worldwide via satellite, wireless, cable IPTV and broadband. We have a dedicated team of full-time production specialists based in Central New Jersey and New York. Analog Entertainment is a Multi Online TV Station and Independent Motion Picture company.

Text messaging is on the decline

According to analyst Chetan Sharma text messaging is on the decline. Cell phone companies are looking at ways to change their business strategies. More than 1/2 the phones today are smart phones. People are using apps to download text messaging that carry no cost. Some smart phone provide free text messaging by supporting these apps. Still text messaging is cheaper than a postal stamp if you need to write something to someone with a cell phone instead of mailing them out a written letter.

Google Fiber finally went live on Tuesday in Kansas City

Tuesday the Google Fiber finally went live on Tuesday in Kansas City 1 Gbps speeds and people are raving about it already.

Hope to see the cost come down as this project expands so I can afford it and hope Google Fiber can keep up with my fast Mustang action. Read more

Facebook Connects with 1.7 million job listings & 12% gain

Facebook launched today a program app that lists jobs. Calling it a Social Jobs Partnership that Facebook formed in about October 2011 and along with the U.S. Department of Labor and three nonprofit labor organizations. p> Facebook bucked the trend with a 12% gain in the stock market today as well.

Good news! I wonder if Facebook is hiring??

Your 30 second ad can reach your demand on our Dish Network channel

Your 30 second ad can reach your demand on our Dish Network channel. Analog Entertainment: Production, Advertising, and Media Broadcast. Reach your target market and allow viewers (local and worldwide) to visually see your products or services. Contact us for pricing and time slot availability. Studies are proven! People respond better to vision better than text or voice. Make your ad stand out! Analog TV (TV Station airing on Dish Network/SimplyMe TV. We produce and broadcast, television programs on our channel, as well as we run television commercial advertising.


Garden State Film Festival - Award Extended

Garden State Film Festival has extended its submission deadline to Sat. Dec. 1 Register and send DVD later. The Worldwide call for entries has been issued to independent filmmakers. Visit for guidelines. Eligible candidates must have been born or now reside in New Jersey and have made inroads to the industry through hard work and determination.

Analog TV Presents

Analog Entertainment (AE) & Analog Television Analog Entertainment (AE) & Analog Television is a veteran owned business. It is an independent motion picture production company comprised of creative business professionals producing independent films, documentaries, TV shows commercials and featured length content. AE consists of an online interactive TV Network and distribution portal affording consumers an opportunity to obtain subscription-based, pay per view and free on-demand programming featuring original and targeted shows. The Company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the changes that are occurring and which are inevitable in the media distribution industry. Our media is also vertically integrated to create tertiary avenues of revenue via mobile, satellite and cable. AE has developed an integrated approach to deliver a vertical for media deliver worldwide through and/or via satellite, wireless, cable IPTV and broadband.


IBM working on smart grids. Technology is smart move.

Facebook Tweaks

Facebook often tweaks its layouts and features. Tests are often tried out on just a few users. Some people don't like change.


Google releases new Chromebook from Acer

Media Entertainment News

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Analog Entertainment Media Executive. Mr. Bowen is a Grammy & Emmy Award winning engineer specializing in Television, Audio/Video Multi-media, Broadcast Operations & Engineering from Disney/ABC TV, Apollo Theater, as well as studio facilities around the globe. Tune in to hear Ron Bowen share his story from U.S. Air Force to independent motion picture production company executive now producing independent films, documentaries and TV Specials.