Google Confirms Quietly Moving To Make All Searches Secure, Except For Ad Clicks

In the past month, Google quietly made a change aimed at encrypting all search activity — except for clicks on ads. Google says this has been done to provide “extra protection” for searchers, and the company may be aiming to block NSA spying activity. Possibly, it’s a move to increase ad sales. Or both. Welcome to the confusing world of Google secure search.

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Google letting you hand-write your e-mails

 Google letting you hand-write your e-mails


For many, typing has long overtaken handwriting as their primary word and sentence creation method. So much so that some schools no longer teach cursive.
But now, Google is bringing some good old fashioned handwriting back to modern communication, adding new handwriting input tools to Gmail and Google Docs.
Those tools now allow you to write out what you want to say with a mousepad or cursor and Google will do its best to create a typed version of your words. The input box will show the most likely matches for your word, so below your handwritten "cats" it might display this list of possible words: cats, rats, Cats, oats, and carts. Click on the right one and keep on writing.  Read More

(I dare not use this new tool my hand writing is terrible)

Online Video Service Would Be Available on Set-Top Boxes

Netflix Pursues Cable-TV Deals

 Netflix Inc. is in talks with several U.S. pay-television providers including Comcast Corp. and Suddenlink Communications to make its online video service available as an app on their set-top boxes, people familiar with the matter say. 

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Google unveils new HP laptop for $279

Google is introducing a new $279 laptop based on its Internet-centric Chrome operating system, borrowing many of the high-end features found in a model that costs about $1,000 more.

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The Chromebook 11 is available starting Tuesday at Google's only Play store and selected retailers. The laptop comes in white or black. The white model has a choice of four accents around the keyboard and under the device: blue, red, yellow and green.

Exclusive: Microsoft investors push for chairman Gates to step down

By Nadia Damouni and Bill Rigby
NEW YORK/SEATTLE (Reuters) - Three of the top 20 investors in Microsoft Corp are lobbying the board to press for Bill Gates to step down as chairman of the software company he co-founded 38 years ago, according to people familiar with matter.