There is no horsing around when it comes to how important one little dot can mean to the world.
Article by Jane Sadowy President of Analog Entertainment LLC Analog Entertainment LLC - Online Entertainment(DOT)com

How we learn to say it as DOT COM

Where would our world be today if the DOT never existed? That little small dot before .com, .us, .biz .org .me .us & etc. is offering allot of knowledge to world. That little small DOT does all the command for reaching any website. Never did I think 30 years ago a DOT would mean so much! Who would have know back then that tiny little DOT was going to grow into something really HUGE!

How about Twitter's DOT? What does dot before @ sign in Twitter mean? At-replies that start @person can only be seen by people following both the sender and the recipient. Putting a dot (.) (or anything else) first makes the tweet visible by all of the sender's followers, just like a normal tweet.

How about sending and receiving emails. It that Dot was missing in the email address you would never get that email!

A dot-com company, or simply a dot-com (alternatively rendered, dot com or .com), is a company that does most of its business on the Internet, usually through a website that uses the popular top-level domain ".com" or how we are learn to say it as DOT COM) (in turn derived from the word "commercial").

What's a hidden <.dot> file? Look how important this DOT is for computer knowledge

How about search engine? They hate DOTS. If you query string them together they get mad. It may hurt your search engine results. And how about that DOT under the exclamation mark? Who put that there anyhow? LOL

I for one, I know how valuable a Dot is. I've invested thousand of dollars and millions of hours in this Internet DOT because I know the power of it and how valuable it is.

Look, that little dot started me out to help families online with free child clothing way back in 2001 over at Swaphandmedowns(DOT)com. Swaphandmedowns is the pioneer in the swap, barter and exchange of free used fashions online. When I first put this site up (2001) there was no other program online like it. It was the very first of its kind online!

Now every body wants to barter online. Good! Recycle is good! Again, that little small DOT inserted after the word Swaphandmedowns and between the com, helped so many.

Since 1999 You can follow or find me anytime in Google Search by just typing in my full name. No DOTS needed!

PS I don't use a DOT in my email address name since I find people forget to put that DOT in there Jane.Sadowy@gmail and I would be really upset if an urgent email never arrived because the DOT was not administrated.

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Email marketing is more powerful than ever thanks to social media

Email marketing is more powerful than ever thanks to social media and can deliver your full marketing message at such a low cost.

Article by Jane Sadowy Marketing Internet Tools.

The Value of Email Newsletters Make your website useful. Visitors will assume that if your website is helpful, your newsletter will be, too. How Can You Double Your Newsletter Subscribers in a few months? Be consistent with your product or service news. How to write effective newsletters:

Be personal and be yourself. Authentic newsletters are easier on the reader. They're typically more interesting (because they're unique to you), plus, you don't risk a tone that swings from formal to informal. Be honest. What are you sending out (product info, special deals, make a genuine newsletter).

How often do you send it? How easy is it to unsubscribe? See our Express Email Marketing which has an automatic unsubscribe link in every newsletter you send out. Everything you need to market your business like a pro. You don't need to be a design expert to create captivating emails. And you don't need to be on the Web 24/7 to be a social media wiz. All you need is a passion for your business and Express Email Marketing® can do the rest with a rich collection of powerful features. All Plans Include: Over 160 quick-start email designs, Huge 20,000+ image library, Automatic photo resizing, Ability to create both HTML & text emails, Easy Email Editor, Social media management tools, Sign-up form for your home page, Easy list import, Bounce & unsubscribe handling, Detailed reports, Survey builder, List Manager, Now-or-later scheduling and auto sign up.

How Can You Double Your Newsletter Subscribers in a few months?

Be original. Write your own content. Collect your own resources. (Or hire someone to do it.)

Be relevant. Make sure you're writing about topics that apply to your reader's unique situations and experiences.

Be engaging. Invite your readers to participate by offering surveys and quizzes. Be well dressed. Whether your newsletter is text or HTML, readers should be able to figure out at a glance who your newsletter's from and what it's about.

Be diverse. Offer both short and long articles to give both scanners and in-depth readers what they're looking for.

Set your goals. This is even better if you can give away prizes as you reach these goals. Perhaps you could give away a great e-book every 100 subscribers. Even if you're not offering a prize, though, make your readers aware of your goals and ask for their help.

Entice them. More and more companies are finding that offering a newsletter isn't enough to get people to part with their email addresses. By offering a free report or something else of value, potential readers may be more likely to sign up.

Offer a sneak review. Take a look at those magazine offers you get in the mail and write something similar for your newsletter.

Post news sample issues online. This way readers can see for themselves if they're interested scribing to your newsletter.

Make subscribing easier. Your subscribe link should be visible on every page of your site. Also, make the process as easy as possible (don't make them fill out long forms, etc.). And, above all else, try the process yourself to make sure it works!

Archive issues on your website. This lets readers catch up and see what they've been missing. It also may improve your search engine rankings.

Set up a promotion station. Make a page at your website with ways other people can promote your newsletter-graphics, articles, testimonials, etc. (And let people know they can freely copy what they want to use.)

Promote it at social sites. Advertise it in your signature file on all email with a description and subscribe instructions.

Do not forget to ask readers to forward the newsletter to a specific person. For example, write, "Please forward this newsletter to someone you know who needs my service or products.

Gather testimonials to add to your website. It's not enough for you to say your newsletter is great. Get other people to say it for you. (Make sure you have permission to print the testimonial!) Always offer subscribing and unsubscribing instructions.

Microsoft Ending Anti-Virus Protection for Windows XP

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Why you need webhosting tools

If your business is not on the web then someone else may be getting your business online.

A website can help expand from a local market to national and international internet market places. Compared to traditional media, such as print, radio and TV, web site Internet marketing can have a relatively low cost of entry.

Today, most people use the net to search for products and services. For a reasonable low cost it is not that hard to expand your market to the internet. Most hosting services have site builders for those that have no knowledge of website designing that are easy to use and can get your information online fast.