Broadcast live video from your smartphone

Apple's (AAPL, Fortune 500) FaceTime and Skype have made live video conversations a reality, but Mobli promises that its technology has the potential to let millions of users see exactly what your smartphone lens is seeing." Broadcast live video from your smartphone FULL STORY CLICK HERE

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Computers, Internet, Invention and ..."Minecraft" camps

Children playing "Minecraft" call it fun! Some parents call it educational. The part of the fun in "Minecraft" is creating these new virtual worlds and exploring those of others users. And it's also a way to re-imagine worlds that already exist in the minds of children.

Now I hear there are "Minecraft" summer camps for kids. And even the Danish government thinks Minecraft is good for kids according to Business Week. Minecraft has been lauded as an educational tool—it fosters creativity and helps kids develop visuospatial reasoning skills through manipulating objects in space. That’s the Danes’ aim as well.

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Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Partnership Since 2006, Little League has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to provide a framework and tools for local Little League volunteers to develop a culture of positive, character-building competition. Recently, Little League extended this partnership to include relevant information for the Little League Coach and the Little League Parent, with the addition of two FREE quick-courses.

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