The All American Turkey is getting FED UP! Our Social Security Numbers must be protected

Share this it is important: Our Social Security Numbers must be protected. We worked for it and we earned it. Send it to the Whitehorse we need laws change on who is checking our credit scores..

I am contesting that cable and Internet providers and Insurance and ETC. companies do not do a credit score checks on new accounts. Our social security number should be for government, housing and banking use only. Not only is this harming our credit score each time they do a credit check but 90 percent of families have lower credit score because of the poor economy in the last 10 years.

The catch is this: If you have a low credit score these companies charge you more for their service than what their advertising deals say they are. Example Ad: Get cable for 24.95 a month. You call them - they check your credit score and it is a low score…Guess what? You have to pay a much higher fee then what the ad was quoted.

I suggest these companies charge their advertiser an extra forgiving fee to assist families with low income. (Since TV ads today take up half of the shows airtime.)

If they keep the service affordable than less accounts with go to collections. PS I am posting this to the social media so that more cable-Internet providers, Insurance and those other companies will offer a better service at affordable prices. Stop doing credit score. Our Social Security Numbers must be protected. We worked for it and we earned it.

The All American Turkey is getting FED UP!

Thanks for helping the needy, the disabled, all American families and the Veterans by sharing my news. Why are we paying high prices to get on the net. It is educational, provides medical information, social media interaction (which has saved some lives) and USA citizens needs it to get to the Obama Healthcare Program. Our school children need it in school. Studies show if children watch global education information on the net they consume it better for higher grades. Seniors can benefit highly by using the internet for travel and shopping and locating doctors faster.

PS: If your Grand Parents tell you they don't do Internet Please get involved with them and show them how easy it is to use.

Once they get the hang of it you will never get your PC back...