Do Titles of People Names turn you off? Does it make them more powerful then you!?

Do Titles of People Names turn you off? Does it make them more powerful then you!?

People are funny about using a title in their name. Such as Dr. Who, Pastor John, Mister Joe, and Mrs. Jones. If they introduce themselves to me by their title name, I avoid recalling their title when I speak back to them. One situation happened to make me quite annoyed. A man once introduced himself as Joe So and So. I made it a point to always call him Joe not by the whole name he would have liked me to. However, when he thought powerful people were in the room he pulled me aside and asked me to call him Mr. Joseph So and So .

After that day I did not call him any name at all. Sometimes, I ponder if he even noticed or missed me calling him just plain ole Joe.

So, what makes a Title in a name so important that it makes you feel you are less of a person then they are? Is it just a respectful thing to do. Even today a PHD cost about 100K to earn. Signing your name Jane Sadowy, PHD is ok. But, I don't want people calling me Jane Sadowy PHD. Nor young lady, Jane Doe, or Plain Jane. I have ancestors that were Kings and Queens. However, I don't want people calling me YOUR HIGHNESS or Your hopeful Seed.. Ever!

All I ask is that they just call me Jane. Because after all, I am just as powerful & equal as everyone else. They just don't know it.... YET!

Thinking before you speak is a good example for this topic. Prior to introducing yourself with the assumption of a higher stature than the person you are meeting is a risky venture. Every person deserves to be treated equally, by keeping it simple on a first name basis removes the power pyramid in my opinion. This also allows the people involved have a higher self a steam by feeling a part of the group.

As the people that are the front line employees, the individuals that are lower on the totem pole and whom are paid less are usually the backbone of the company to produce products fulfill deadlines and budgets that the title holders demand to have done. It is very rare to see a Vice President, CEO or Human Racecourses Manager working where the "non title holders" work. If upper management worked side by side with the workers sometimes it would life the morale, increase production, and give the employees a sense of contributing to the companies future because management sees this.

Before you make someone else feel like a lesser person than you are I hope you introduce yourself the first time you meet someone with the real name you want people to call you!

After all you were born with that name. Not MR!

Goodby Joe!

Who enacted up that stupid law that women got to give up their maiden name when they marry? I don't like that either. Children from marriages soon forget down the line the mother's history of her maiden name. It gets lost over generations and generations. I don't think it is fair to women! Or to their mother's mother past history. Why do men get all the glory in the last name.

If the mother was a McNellis and married a man name Smith. Down the line the next generations might not even know they are Scottish!

If I want to change my marriage last name back to my maiden name I hear it gets quite costly and becomes a legal issue.

Just call me Jane. I am after all pretty important no matter what my title is or what my last name is anyway..

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