YOUR TAXES COULD GO HIGHER How to avoid the poor house Where is the price list

Who in the heck is Jane anyway?! This is who I am!

How to avoid the poor house: We all should be paying attention to what our medical services are charging our insurance companies. Start speaking out today. If you don't want to start paying higher taxes or higher health insurance read on:

USA is one nation why do not we as one nation have a national price list on what the medical field is charging our insurance companies! As a nation everyone should network together and get some laws enacted to get an affordable medical price list!

If one shot cost the medical office $150.00 dollars and the office is charging Medicaid/Other Insurance companies $3,000.00 for that one shot --? IS THIS FAIR? In the end if we no not get a governed medical price list on what these medical charges should be tax payers are not going to see lower health care insurance cost. We are going to be charged higher taxes! Take a stand and shout out!

WHERE IS THE NATION MEDICAL PRICE LIST? Look if you buy a gallon of milk it is governed priced. By having more control on what the medical field is charging insurance companies it will help avoid over charging fee abuse and more affordable prices.

Hospitals are going under because of charity care. If everyone has insurance the hospitals will make money not lose money. The entire mecial field needs to work on this with the government so everyone including the nurses and doctors make a nice income. Million dollar homes are not imporant - people are! Everyone wins in the end and before due time the entire health care cost issue will level out.

How about: Make them turn in the buying invoices and turn in what they are charging for services and/or media products. Enact laws that they can charge a set percentage on media items and service.

By the way - when is this country going to get affordable dental care. People are dying out here with rotten teeth. To pull an abscess tooth you may have to pay $400.00 or so for surgery. If you don't have dental insurance or in poverty where are you going to get that cash money? Did you know an abscess tooth can make you very sick or cause your dealth. Bad teeth cause heart diease. Getting dental work done will save lives. And save on health care cost.

More than a dozen states that opted to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act have seen enrollments surge way beyond projections, raising concerns that the added costs will strain their budgets when federal aid is scaled back starting in two years.


Medicaid is a partnership between the federal government and states that provides health insurance for low-income people.

As part of President Barack Obama’s health insurance overhaul, the U.S. was offering to pay for program’s expansion to cover adults with higher incomes. But starting in 2017, states have to pay a portion of the expansion cost. Read more...