There are steps to take & they did it the right way! They raised sons and daughters that went to war to protect this country & some went to war to fight for the freedom of African Americans.

I must be the longest legal sentence writer. I don't want you to stop reading what I have to say.

Do you recall how your family arrived in this country? I do! They had to fill out the proper paperwork, sign paperwork that stated they were giving up their right to remain loyal to their past homeland leader and trust to remain loyal to USA and they had to had a family in the USA to stay with. And if they did not have a family in USA they had to work off a large fee as a servant (enslaved - yes some whites were forced into slavery to remain here!) to stay here, and yes some were watched by the US government because of wartime. AND THEY DID WHAT THE LAW SAID THEY HAD TO DO. They pledged allegiance to the flag and paid their taxes.

Some became firemen, some became war heroes, some became sport stars, some became college educated, & most became parents. Some died in the hollows of digging our canals. Some died in the coal mines. Some were farmers and some were butchers bringing meat to the table by wagon. Some of them were involved in the underground railroads. All of them had to learn a new language and overcome it. The women handmade the brick & laid the brickwork to build their homes while the men worked overtime to payed cash for the lumber. They stayed here, respected all people, loved this country, and worked real hard and profited here and are now buried here. They were my kinship.

I have a long trail of documents from my great grandparents showing me what they had to do and obey by to become citizens of America. All what I am saying is true!

If you don't know how you were born legally in the USA, then you should ask some of your elder relatives so you can pass this information down the family tree. Remember it was not easy for them to become United States of American citizens but they did it the right way! It is why you were born an American!

Obama health care all this talk. I have yet to hear this:

We are one nation and should be under one plan. Why is no one getting it right? Why is there no law to enact a plan to have nationwide health care price list for care & supplies? Why is one hospital charging a million dollars for heart surgery in one area and down the street the other hospital is charging 50 cents for the same surgery? Even a general mandatory price list for day to day health care will save millions. Something to start this off the right way. After time it will work. People will get used to it working and finding out the cost will come down. A wholesale ten cent pacemaker cost on the bill is billed out for thousands of dollars. Talk about ripping off insurance companies with scams, over priced by 199 percent health care supplies, charges that never existed, and they having to pay it. No wonder the health insurance companies cannot balance out the spreadsheet for profit. In the end it is coming out of your tax dollars and mine. Our hospitals are struggling to meet their payroll by trying to care for people with no health coverage. Hey all this waste is coming out of your paycheck. Get the committee on it!

Last of all, parents that did not go into foreclosure would like to see a change because they got jobless college educated grown children living in their basements of no fault of their own.

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